Glorious winetestbot results, why this matters

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Mar 12 09:31:37 CDT 2014

So here's today's data:

The main changes are the addition of some new failures in mshtml; 
failures that Marvin actually pointed out here:

The glorious result is that if I get to publicly shame anyone, it's both 
Jacek and Alexandre.  For someone with my JR, that's a rare opportunity 

But really, it illustrates the problem:  Alexandre does not trust the 
new test bot results, so he did not wait for testbot review of patches, 
and so he did not catch a problem.  We need to restore that trust. 
That's why this matters.



p.s.  Looks like Francois's patch has fixed winmm:mci (yay!), and a few 
tests that my script felt were 'solved' have proven themselves to be 
actually intermittent (comctl:propsheet and user32:listbox)

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