FYI Re: wined3d_mutex

Max TenEyck Woodbury max at
Sat Mar 15 15:17:54 CDT 2014

     I have told you about the long delays I have encountered with Guild
Wars 2 under wine.  I mentioned that I suspected the wined3d_mutex was
the source of the problem.  I have just finished a test that shows that
it is NOT the source of this problem.

     Specifically, I dummied the wined3d_mutex_lock and 
wined3d_mutex_unloc procedures so that they did nothing,  That version 
showed the same pattern of delays that the unaltered system showed.

     If anybody has an idea about what might be causing these delays,
please tell me.

     Note that my review of the use of this mutex indicates that it is
of very questionable value.  In my opinion it should be replaced by a 
set of read/write locks built into the individual data structures.


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