how to build wine with USB support ?

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Mon Mar 17 07:43:25 CDT 2014

>>>>> "Alois" == Alois Schlögl <alois.schloegl at> writes:

    Alois> Hi I'm trying to use USB devices for Data acquisition on
    Alois> wine. The recording software is proprietary, but runs on
    Alois> wine. (It IgorPro with some binary called FPulse, and MultiClamp
    Alois> Commander 700B). The problem occurs only when trying to connect
    Alois> to the recording device through USB.

How is the device accessed? Is it offering a serial device (comX)? Is it
perhaps using the FTDI device and the ftd2xx driver? Or is it
using an own kernel mode driver?

Only when using an own kernel mode driver, [1] is needed.

If it is a serial device, add the device to the wine configuration. If it is
using the ftd2xx driver, I can send you a patch to add a wine dll that
translates the windows ftd2xx calls to linux ftd2xx calls.

Perhaps run a "WINEDEBUG=+relay log" to see how the device is accessed.

    Alois> I've already found the page [1] and trying to build wine with the
    Alois> recommended patch. Unfortunately, the current patches [2] do not
    Alois> apply cleanly to the most recent version of wine-git. Therefore,
    Alois> I'm asking what the recommended approach is ?

    Alois> Is there a more recent set up patches ? The once from [2] have
    Alois> been updated last in Jun 2012 ?  Or would you recommend using the
    Alois> sources of wine from that date ?

Probably using a equal old wine would be best if you need [1].


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