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> Hi all!
> I'm Shuai Meng, a student from software school of Beihang University,
> China, GMT+08:00. I'm pursuing a master degree and now in grade one.
> You can call me shuaimeng, that's my nickname used in irc. Now I'm
> here to apply for GSoC to work for Wine. I'm familiar with C, and I
> can code with python as well. Besides, I know a little about html and
> vbscript. From May to August, I have plenty of free time.
> About one year ago I started my way to linux, it's not smooth for a
> person who had got used to windows then embrace linux. Soon I got a
> problem: QQ(the most popular IM software in China) doesn't support
> linux, but I really need it. Fortunately I knew wine through searching
> google, it helped me solve this problem.Since then I have become a
> wine user.
> In the past three months, I had focused on dlls/vbscript/global.c,
> searching MSDN for related documents[1]~[4]. Accordding those
> documents, I added more tests in dlls/vbscript/tests/api.vbs, then got
> some similar bugs and only reported one[5]. In order to fix them, I
> read wine source code in dlls/vbscript/global.c, again and again.
> Finally I finished a few draft patches[6] and I will send them to
> wine-patches later.
> As I have made so much effort in this module and gain a little
> experience, during GSoC this part will go on to occupy most of my
> attention. On the basis of difficulty to be implemented, I divide all
> the functions in dlls/vbscript/global.c into four groups as following:
> 1: Abs ScriptEngine ScriptEngineBuildVersion ScriptEngineMajorVersion
> IsArray IsDate IsNumeric IsObject Sgn TypeName VarType
> These are the easiest to implement, I will take about one week to
> finish the unimplemented.
> 2: FormatCurrency FormatDateTime FormatPercent Hour FormatNumber Join
> Minute Month Oct Rnd Second Space TimeValue Year
> The second group will occupy two weeks of the whole GSoC time. They
> are not as easy as the first group and there are more to be
> accomplished. Most of them are involved in time functions while a few
> is about strings.
> 3: Asc Ant Cos DateAdd DateDiff DatePart DateSerial Day Exp LBound Log
> Replace Sin Sqr String Tan TimeSerial UBound Weekday CBool CByte CCur
> CDate CDbl CInt CLng CSng CStr InStrRev Int Fix StrComp Timer
> These are more difficult. However a large part is conversion functions
> and they have been implemented or improved by me. You can find the
> details in attchment. Optimistically speaking, I need at least three
> weeks to complete all of them. When I finish that, this bug[7] will be
> fixed.
> 4: Array Date DateValue Escape Eval Filter GetLocale GetRef InputBox
> LoadPicture Now RGB SetLocale
> Split Time Unescape
> Here come the most difficult ones. I am not so sure whether I can fix
> or even understand them, but I will try my best. Maybe after I have
> finish the above three groups, I can gain a little confidence to face
> them. This group would cost me four weeks or even longer. If I have a
> good luck, maybe I can fix this bug[8].
> To be prudent, I'll spare at least one week to do a review on all my
> codes. Write a summary as a guidence for my work to be continued after
> GSoC.
> Though I have a rough plan now, as a greenhand to wine, I hava too
> much to learn and I badly need advice from all of you. I hope I can
> make a proper schedule after communicating with my mentor.
> Any comment or advice is greatly appreciated.
> Thank you!
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]In the attachment
> [7]
> [8]
Hello Shuai,

For your proposal to be considered, it must be submitted to Melange by the
deadline (though it was good to introduce yourself here, I don't want you
to miss the deadline :)).

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