Mass effect 2 - Bink movies freezes game

Tomas Gustavsson tomplast at
Fri Mar 21 16:11:02 CDT 2014


Have tried for a while to get Mass Effect 2 working through Wine and though
it's very playable for me it has a large drawback, I have to disable all
movie playbacks with the -nomoviestartup argument. If I don't, the game
freezes up and I can hear the sound stuck in a loop - it does not unfreeze

By looking through AppDB it seems that there are a large group of people
that doesn't have this problem. I assume it's either related to my
processor (AMD A10-6700) or GPU (HD5770, Catalyst driver)? I have tried to
several Wine versions but it didn't help.

The interesting thing is that there are many Windows users with the exact
problem. Here's a link

So though the game works rather well, an important part (and some locations
in the game supposedly breaks when you use nomoviestartup) is lost when
movies are turned off, at least for me.

Is there any way to debug the bink movie playback functionality? Because I
really would like to be able to play the game without losing the ability to
watch the ingame movies.

Best regards
/Tomas Gustavsson
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