Mass effect 2 - Bink movies freezes game

Tomas Gustavsson tomplast at
Sat Mar 22 11:19:04 CDT 2014

Who knew.. It works on my laptop, my cpu is a Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M
CPU @ 2.30GHz.
But the laptop is not good enough to play this effect, would like to get it
working on my other machine (with a HD5770 GPU).

Have wanted to try out the open source drivers for the GPU, sadly I get
some error about DRI3 that stops my attempt every time I try to start the

2014-03-21 22:11 GMT+01:00 Tomas Gustavsson <tomplast at>:

> Hi!
> Have tried for a while to get Mass Effect 2 working through Wine and
> though it's very playable for me it has a large drawback, I have to disable
> all movie playbacks with the -nomoviestartup argument. If I don't, the
> game freezes up and I can hear the sound stuck in a loop - it does not
> unfreeze itself.
> By looking through AppDB it seems that there are a large group of people
> that doesn't have this problem. I assume it's either related to my
> processor (AMD A10-6700) or GPU (HD5770, Catalyst driver)? I have tried to
> several Wine versions but it didn't help.
> The interesting thing is that there are many Windows users with the exact
> problem. Here's a link
> So though the game works rather well, an important part (and some
> locations in the game supposedly breaks when you use nomoviestartup) is
> lost when movies are turned off, at least for me.
> Is there any way to debug the bink movie playback functionality? Because I
> really would like to be able to play the game without losing the ability to
> watch the ingame movies.
> Best regards
> /Tomas Gustavsson
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