Wine test week 2 - nice apparent progress

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Mar 24 19:00:18 CDT 2014

My script results are here:

We had a lot of tests that had failed on Windows 7 ultimate that we now 
skip; that has reduced the number of apparent failures on the new 
testbot machines down under 20.

We've also had some nice work from folks like Dmitry (thanks!).

I'll keep annotating the failures until they all have notes.

I do have one that could use a sucker^H^H^H^H^H^Hvolunteer:

I had asked Misha Koshelev (the apparent last person to meaningfully 
change those tests) if he wanted to look into it, but he's in the middle 
of a medical internship working brutal hours, so he demurred.



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