Advice fixing #13683 (DirectX mouse overlay?)

Christopher Thielen christopher at
Mon Mar 24 19:48:06 CDT 2014

Using WINEDEBUG=+all, the resource in question (static/bitmap16.flx) is 
loaded via kernel32's CreateFile, ReadFile.

Is there a way to trace only kernel32 calls dealing with a specific file 
handle? I'm curious if there are any failed reads. Does that seem like a 
reasonable next step?

On 03/24/2014 03:34 PM, Christopher Thielen wrote:
> That was exactly the problem - didn't read carefully enough.
> Using Wine's D3D9 implementation on Windows XP, the missing cursor
> _does_ show up, so this Wine bug is likely not a D3D issue.
> I did find some old fan-created tools which can extract the resources
> from the game's proprietary formats.
> As there are no failed CreateSurface/CreateTexture calls, I'm assuming
> the code path never gets to that point.
> Any ideas on how to go about debugging the problem of a custom file type
> not getting loaded? Does Wine implement it's own libc in which one could
> perhaps trace fread(), etc.? From the fan-made tools, I do have the byte
> offsets within the proprietary format where the missing cursor should be
> loaded from.
> Also, is there any likely reason why Wine's behavior might differ from
> Windows on operations which are relatively libc-style operations?
> On 3/24/2014 1:14 PM, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
>> Am 24.03.2014 um 18:53 schrieb Christopher Thielen
>> <christopher at>:
>>> I then tried cross-compiling Wine from Linux using MinGW. I copied
>>> over the resulting d3d9.dll and wined3d.dll to the game's directory
>>> on Windows XP but it then won't run, complaining:
>>> "The procedure entry point __wine_get_wgl_driver could not be located
>>> in the dynamic link library gdi32.dll.“
>> Did you set CFLAGS=-DUSE_WIN32_OPENGL ? This preprocessor define is
>> needed to make wined3d work on Windows. Otherwise it uses some
>> Wine-specific exports to bypass opengl32.dll for non-WGL calls and
>> calls directly for performance reasons.

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