Advice fixing #13683 (DirectX mouse overlay?)

Ken Thomases ken at
Mon Mar 24 20:27:44 CDT 2014

On Mar 24, 2014, at 7:48 PM, Christopher Thielen wrote:

> Using WINEDEBUG=+all, the resource in question (static/bitmap16.flx) is loaded via kernel32's CreateFile, ReadFile.
> Is there a way to trace only kernel32 calls dealing with a specific file handle? I'm curious if there are any failed reads. Does that seem like a reasonable next step?

Not really.  You'll want to use a +file log and follow the handle as it's passed to subsequent calls.  It might also be necessary to use +tid,+relay to see all uses if Wine isn't logging the handle in all relevant functions.

Certainly, look for failed reads, but I wouldn't expect that unless you think the file is damaged vs. what's installed on Windows.  More likely, the game requires external help interpreting the data that is has read, like a compression or image library.  If that's not present or is incomplete in Wine, then that would explain the problem.  The +tid,+relay log may help to identify what the program does next after it has read the data in.


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