Wine test week 2 - nice apparent progress

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Mar 25 10:54:21 CDT 2014

>> Francois, do we have (or could we easily create) a mechanism to test
>> that by constraining the number of VMs that run simultaneously?  I know
>> it would slow performance, but it would be interesting to see if we
>> can quantify that.
> Just two run in parallel. I wanted to ask Francois to bump that number
> up not lower it. The testbot is basically unusable for hours during the
> daily test run due to that.

Ah.  Okay.  Yeah, I think there is a sense that we want the software to 
behave sensibly before we start throwing hardware at the problem.

>> Hardware is cheap; we can easily throw more testbots at the problem...
> I got told repeatedly by well informed sources that that isn't needed.
> Just sayin'

Actually, we've got a new server specced out, and we're going to put it 
into production use next week.  If that goes well, we'll likely plan a 
migration for WineHQ as well...



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