regsvr32: Replace printf calls with WriteConsole function (try 2)

Lauri Kenttä lauri.kentta at
Sat Mar 29 15:48:58 CDT 2014

Sorry for being a bit late...

Hugh McMaster wrote:
> -    printf("\t[/i]  Call DllInstall passing it an optional 
> [cmdline];\n");
> -    printf("\t      when used with /u calls dll uninstall\n");
> +\  [/i]  Call DllInstall, passing an optional [cmdline].\n\
> +\tWhen used with [/u], regsvr32 also calls DLL Uninstall.\n\

This whole "calls DLL Uninstall" thing is a bit weird, as there isn't a 
function named DLL Uninstall or DllUninstall. Maybe you should change it 
to something more exact like:
"When used with [/u], " +
1) "passes [also] the uninstall flag [to DllInstall]"
2) "uses DllInstall to uninstall the DLL"
3) "the bInstall parameter is set to FALSE"
4) "calls DllInstall with bInstall set to FALSE"
or something similar. Opinions?

If this is too radical, I'd suggest that you at least remove the "also". 
With my English, it now says that regsvr32 /i /u calls DllInstall and 
also calls DLL Uninstall, which is clearly neither true nor logical. (It 
really calls UnregisterDll and DllInstall(FALSE,cmdline).) In addition, 
repeating "regsvr32" looks strange to me in this kind of context.

Lauri Kenttä

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