how to use ced1401 linux driver from wine application ?

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at
Mon Mar 31 11:18:08 CDT 2014 is about running Windows USB drivers in
Wine. If you were able to make this work, it would mean that the
native Linux driver isn't involved at all, similar to what would
happen if you connected a USB device to a virtual machine.

Devices with Linux native drivers can work in Wine without needing to
run a Windows driver, as long as the device is accessed through a
standard and generic Windows API that Wine provides, such as
DirectInput for joysticks.

If you have a specialized device for which no generic API exists,
there's no way for Wine to provide access to that device to Windows
programs in a generic way. It can, however, be done in a
device-specific way based on the respective API's for accessing that
device on Linux and Windows.

How would a Windows software developer access the device you're trying
to use? Is there a specific API (it doesn't have to be included in
Windows) that would allow a Windows developer to target a range of
similar devices? If so, providing an implementation of that API in
Wine is probably the best approach. If not, you'll need to either run
the Windows driver somehow (very difficult, I would guess) or create a
replacement for it (may be much easier, depending on how similar the
Linux and Windows API's are, and how complex they are).

If you can find some documentation for those interfaces, then we can
talk more specifically about how to provide them in Wine.

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