[PATCH 1/4] reg.exe: Add path_get_key() to remove boilerplate

Jonathan Vollebregt jnvsor at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 08:09:51 CDT 2014

> It was also unclear why you perform the path[0] == '\\' check in
> path_get_key() and path_get_rootkey_name(). One common check should be
> enough. The original version of this patch did this (now superseded).
> But I see you made some changes around the reg_delete() function.

That was an (Admittedly poor) attempt to prevent a double error message 
when specifying a remote.

Would this be considered a patch-stopping problem, or can I just leave 
it like that? I would have to do the redundant if in path_get_key to 
stop the double error, since path_get_key (through path_get_rootkey) 
isn't the only place path_get_rootkey_name is called.

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