Problem with CompareString/CompareStringEx - accented characters

Virgo Pärna virgo.parna at
Mon Sep 15 03:05:34 CDT 2014

    I have been trying to figure out, what is wrong with wine's implementation
of CompareString and CompareStringEx functions. 
    From what I can figure out, those functions completely ignore locale passed
to them. That alone is not a critical issue, but what causes problems to me, is
that it seems always act, as if NORM_IGNORENONSPACE was passed (comparision 
shows, that A and Ä are same). I did try to rip relavent parts out of wine for 
test utility  and it seems, that A and Ä have same value in collation_table 
which is used by compare_diacritic_weights. 
    Could it be, that the make_unicode's READ_SORTKEYS_FILE looses relavent 
information, when generating collation.c file? My perl is even worse than my C, 
so figuring out those regexes is way beyond me.
    I did spam with my analysis.

Virgo Pärna 
virgo.parna at

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