[PATCH 4/5] riched20: Stub for ITextFont interface and implement ITextRange::GetFont.

Jactry Zeng jactry92 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 09:30:22 CDT 2014

Hi Huw,
2014-09-17 18:23 GMT+08:00 Huw Davies <huw at codeweavers.com>:
> Since the ITextFont objects do hold a ref on their parent range /
> selection objects I don't think we need the list stuff again.
> I wouldn't store the reOle pointer here, but use txtRge / txtSel
> to access it (and check for disconnections).  You probably
> want a helper function to do that.

I will have another try.
Thanks for your review!

Jactry Zeng
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