Wine Gecko 2.34-beta1 release

Jacek Caban jacek at
Wed Sep 24 08:42:24 CDT 2014

Hi all,

After about a year since the last release, I'm happy to announce that we
have a new Wine Gecko packages ready for testing. I'm not attaching a
patch this time, because it's quite big and will change over next few
weeks (I will be submitting some of those changes, so the patch would be
invalid soon). I set up a Wine fork at [1] instead. It contains snapshot
of my development tree on top of Wine, so be prepared for forced
updates. Let me know if you'd prefer it to be in a different form.

This update catches up on development made for 10 Firefox releases that
happened meantime. There were many problems that needed to be solved for
this to happen. There were tree wide changes breaking our build config
as well as API changes, that needed to be fixed. We still have long term
problem with API that we use for embedding Gecko (mostly DOM APIs) that
is slowly removed from Gecko. We need a long term solution, which means
working on auto generated C/C++ bindings based on the new, WebIDL files.
I may write a separated mail about that if there is an interest.

I decided to make this beta from Gecko tip at the point where it's
branched. I usually waited until Gecko enters beta, but I want to catch
up on development as much as possible this time. How the final release
will look like depends on how testing goes. It will not be sooner than
after a bit of Firefox beta.

As usually, everything that uses MSHTML is an interesting testing
target. Let me know if there are any problems.



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