Add d3d11_CreateDeviceAndSwapChain

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Feb 2 12:33:12 CST 2015


I'm curious, does this improve the behavior of some application? E.g. game X now falls back to d3d9 without crashing due to the stub?

> +HRESULT WINAPI D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain(IDXGIAdapter *adapter, D3D_DRIVER_TYPE driver, HMODULE swrast, UINT flags,
> +                                             const D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL *feature_levels, UINT levels, UINT sdk_version,
> +                                             const DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_DESC *swapchain_desc, IDXGISwapChain ** swapchain,
> +                                             ID3D11Device **device, D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL *feature_level, ID3D11DeviceContext **context)
> +{
> +    FIXME("stub: adapter %p, driver_type %s, swrast %p, flags %#x, feature_levels %p, levels %#x, sdk_version %d, "
> +          "swapchain_desc %p, swapchain %p, device %p, feature_level %p, context %p\n", adapter, debug_d3d_driver_type(driver_type), swrast,
> +          flags, feature_levels, levels, sdk_version, swapchain_desc, swapchain, device, feature_level, context);
> +    return E_OUTOFMEMORY;
sdk_version is an UINT, you need to print it with %u.

In the d3d code we use use 8 byte extran indentation for continued lines:

void function()
<4> FIXME("bla long text bla\n",
<4> <8>     param1, param2);


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