ntdll load_dll broken WoW behavior

Patrick Rudolph siro at das-labor.org
Fri Feb 6 02:12:43 CST 2015

Hi guys,
I tried WoW as it seems to be in a good shape, but run into same issues. 
I hope you can clarify.
I've got an game that has two executables, 32bit and 64bit. It places a 
32bit version of xinput1_3.dll in the same folder on startup.
Trying to start the 32bit version works fine, however starting the 64bit 
version doesn't work.
For me it looks like the ntdll load_dll is the fault.
It searches for builtin xinput1_3 and finds the 32bit dll in the game 
folder. It fails to open it (wrong ARCH) and that's it.
Instead of trying other directories it tries to load native.
Again it opens the first file found in the given path, it's the same 
file again, it fails to open it and the application terminates.

Why doesn't it check for correct ARCH ?
Why doesn't it walk all directories / all path given, instead of just 
using the first file found ?
Does Windows 64bits behave the same ?


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