[PATCH 1/4] wine-headers: add a winapifamily header

Jacek Caban jacek at codeweavers.com
Sun Feb 8 12:13:49 CST 2015

Hi Martell,

On 02/07/15 01:02, Martell Malone wrote:
> Initially I would have only done the dx stuff because mingw-w64 shares
> those headers.
> Essentially they Jacek Caban pulls in the d3d11 headers and idls from
> wine in to mingw-w64 to update.
> I could update the mingw-w64 project with the changes but I didn't
> want to leave wine out of the loop.
> I do understand that all headers would need to be partitioned to
> support this eventually.
> I was hoping the start would be with directx

Yes, I reviewed them and patches seemed OK for me. FWIW, the amount of
style comments that you received surprises me. We generally leave style
of new files up to developer, unless it's really ugly, and I don't think
it was.

I warned you that style changes of existing code better avoided (patch
2), but you change arguments names at the same time, which makes it more

The real problem with your patches is something I didn't catch in the
earlier review. I just tried to compile your code and got an error:

make: Entering directory '/home/jacek/wine/wine-git/include'
../tools/widl/widl -o d3d11_1.h -m32 -I. -I../include -D__WINESRC__
dxgi1_2.idl:383: error: syntax error, unexpected aIDENTIFIER
Makefile:933: recipe for target 'd3d11_1.h' failed

You use DXGI_MODE_DESC1, which is undeclared. I guess that you could
tested headers in different environment, where it was declared, but
please test things in Wine while sending patches. It's an easy way to
validate your changes. In this case:
tools/make_makefiles && make -C include/
is the very least to see the error. Obviously, full make afterwards is
even better.

As for winapifamily.h header, I don't see a problem with having it in
Wine. Alexandre, if there is any reason that this particular patch is
not accepted (other than being part of questionable series), please comment.


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