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Wed Feb 11 14:18:46 CST 2015

On Tue, 10 Feb 2015, Jerome Leclanche wrote:
> The problem of the "Stable" vs "Develop" distinction is kind of lost
> in a model like Wine's. Users care about things being stable because
> they don't want what they currently use to break. However, since Wine
> is always playing catch-up to Windows, you have a lot of bits which
> are *broken* and get taken care of in further dev releases. So the
> usual view that "stable is good, master is buggy" is completely wrong
> and it's not an easy thing to explain to users.

Users care that the application they are using does not stop working and 
that's what can happen with the development branch. So the distinction 
between stable and development branches does make sense.

And just like in other projects you can be forced to use a development 
version because of compatibility issues with your hardware or of a 
feature you absolutely need, in Wine you can be forced to use the 
development version because of compatibility issues with your Windows 

So really the stable / development distinction is no different in Wine 
than in other projects.

The only thing that sets Wine apart is that it evolves pretty fast and 
yet has very infrequent stable releases. Hence these problems.

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