Compiling with GCC 5.0

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Thu Feb 19 00:13:53 CST 2015

On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 12:04 AM, Michael Cronenworth <mike at>

> Has anyone given GCC 5.0 a shot?
> It breaks x86_64 for me and other Fedora 22+ users (22 and up use 5.0).
> Running wine as pure 32-bit does not exhibit issues. We're using 1.7.36
> with wine-staging applied.
> In 64-bit mode it will not create a valid wine-prefix so I cannot run
> winedbg and nothing eventful happens with gdb attached to wine. Any ideas
> on how to debug this further?

Start by compiling vanilla wine, to make sure it's not one of the staging

That said, it's more likely a change in gcc. I've noticed breakages in
wine64 for a few major gcc version changes. You'll definitely want to take
advantage of git bisect run for this. See,, et al.

More explicitly, you'll need a shell script that:
Builds gcc, installs it somewhere, then uses that gcc to compile wine64
(and 32-bit, you need both), then run wineboot. It should exit 125 for any
compiling issues, 0 for success, non-zero/125 otherwise. git will do the
rest, but it will take a while (took ~30 hours on a decent workstation the
last time I tried).

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