[3/5] comctl32: Implement TaskDialogIndirect as a custom dialog box (try 2)

Joachim Priesner joachim.priesner at web.de
Tue Feb 24 09:02:29 CST 2015

> Ok, what happens on windows if resource length is 0? If it still works 
> and text is simply empty

Yes, this is the case.

> you can detect a failure another way - by 
> testing returned resource pointer (I'd expect NULL if resource id was 
> not found), and in that case use last error.

No, if the resource is not found, lpBuffer remains unchanged on Windows and isn't set to NULL.

I could of course set it to NULL beforehand instead of setting SetLastError. But the current solution uses less code than that. (Except of course I should use "SetLastError(ERROR_SUCCESS)" instead of S_OK, as you noted.) Which one do you prefer?

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