My Ideas for GSoC 2015

Zhenbo Li litimetal at
Sat Feb 28 11:26:30 CST 2015

  Hello,  everyone

I'm Zhenbo Li, a college student who participated in GSoC 2014 for 
mshtml.dll.  Here are some ideas for GSoC 2015.

1. IDropTargetHelper
This interface is to display images [1]. I'm sure that it is necessary 
for VPT[2], and I guess implementing this interface will contribute to 
programs like 7zip.
Although IDropTargetHelper is a useful interface, I haven't found a 
proper demo(most demos depend on MFC). So I'm writing a simple demo for 
this interface[3], with no MFC or .NET code.

2. IXMLHttpRequest
XMLHttpRequest is used heavily in AJAX programming.[4] Wine has 
implemented most of it in msxml component, but it's a stub in mshtml. 
Most js code doesn't treat wine IE as IE6 or earlier, so they will not 
choost ActiveX[5] to work around it(like Firebug Lite[6])

3. sessionStorage
IHTMLStorage[7] is used widely, including Firebug Lite[6]. A 
well-implemented IHTMLStorage interface should support both 
sessionStorage and localStorage. I tried to write a hack, but found that 
it may be necessary to adjust wine-gecko code to support that(Thank 
Jacek). Therefore, implementing sessionStorage can be the first step of 
implementing localStorage, and it can be an example for WebIDL binding 
for further development.

These are my humble ideas for GSoC 2015, and I'm glad to choose one of 
them as my proposal, if they meet the criteria for GSoC. Also, it is my 
honor if my ideas make a positive effect on other GSoC students.

Thank you for reading this mail. I'm looking forward to your feedback.


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