crossover programs missing from source code

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at
Sun Jul 5 16:02:23 CDT 2015

> I'm not really interested in the source code, I just want to know what the
> programs do.

Well, OK, off the top of my head:

cxcplinfo - Gets the list of installed control panel applets.
cxinstallfonts - Installs fonts.
cxmanip - Used by the GUI frontend to access the registry and
filesystem, and edit drive mappings.
cxmklnk - Creates .lnk shortcuts.
cxnative - Invokes native (unix) commands from within the Wine environment.
cxwget - Downloads files while showing a GUI progress bar.
reboot - Simulates a reboot; I'm not clear on the difference between
this and wineboot.
winewrapper - Half of the implementation of CrossOver's "wine" binary,
which does a lot of fancy stuff (the other half is perl code).

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