Adding RID_TYPEHID RawInput support to user32

Aric Stewart aric at
Mon Jul 6 07:40:32 CDT 2015

On 7/3/15 6:47 PM, Nathan Schulte wrote:
> On 07/03/2015 04:19 PM, Nikolay Sivov wrote:
>> I don't know if it will work at all, but Aric already started to work on
>> this area, see
>> I think
>> the idea is to unify hid device access logic, and move it to a single
>> place that could contain plarform-specific bits still offering same
>> interface to clients.
> I started looking at these changes, thanks for the heads up (very recent too; what timing).  I think I grasp them: the HidD* (HID Driver) routines are user-space, and we are making the respective IOCTL calls and translating as necessary (so these support user-mode drivers, and some are purely out of convenience so they don't map 1:1 with the IOCTLS?).  I'm not sure why kernel-mode drivers are only allowed to call HidP* (HID Parser) routines, but application-mode drivers can without being "kernel-mode."  Kernel-mode code isn't allowed to use IOCTL, maybe?

Hello there,  Sorry for the delay I was away on vacation until today.

Yes, RawInput support should go through hid.dll. That is actually part of the reason I am doing the hid work the ways I am doing it. I want to be able to fully and correctly support RawInput as well as dinput, xinput and winmm joysticks.

For wine work, you can have all the user32 stuff using the hid.dll HidD_ and HidP_ functions as they can be considered user land work. If you find there are HidD_ or HidP_ function you need that are not implemented, then that can be done.

Right now the hid.dll work has gotten in but I am just starting to get the underlying hid minidriver work in place. Without the minidriver work hid.dll will not do much.

Native hid.dll will not do much of anything either. 

> Anyway, it looks like work to user32 (RawInput for RID_TYPEHID) will still be required in order for my software to work.  As I understand it, the software I'm trying to support will use the RawInput API to get the PreparsedData blob, and then use the HIDClass support routines (HidD*, HidP*; and I'm guessing only the latter) to extract the important information.  Perhaps there's another piece in the loop I'm missing (like a miniport driver/equiv), but I'm not sure.

Yes all the user32 work will need to be done. 

I am working on the minidriver part right now, thought my work is mostly structural and Mac related. Someone will have to work on the Linux minidriver as well.

> On a related note, I see that the game is calling out to XInput as well (as the WineHQ App page notes):
> He says this is only used for the L/R triggers, but it seems odd that a game would split input across two libs like that.  Anyway, perhaps there's a limitation and it's necessary, in which case I'll need to get XInput working as well (which I think Wine already does via evdev/input devices? I may need to deal with button mapping, but xboxdrv may make this simple; is that correct?).

Xinput is on my goal list also. Xinput should also be a client of hid.dll


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