[PATCH 1/4] d3d9/tests: Add a windowed GetFrontBufferData test.

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 02:26:51 CDT 2015

On 7 July 2015 at 17:27, Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at gmail.com> wrote:
> Am 2015-07-07 um 17:00 schrieb Henri Verbeet:
>> Testbot failures aside, GetFrontBufferData() is pretty unreliable.
>> This will (potentially) fail if e.g. a different window is
>> covering the test window. (And the ChildWindowFromPoint() in v2
>> doesn't help, because it only takes other Wine windows into
>> account.)
> Sure, but I don't think we can fundamentally fix this. The only option
> I see is not having those tests, which would be fine with me.
I theory, once the shadowfb is moved from ddraw to wined3d we'd never
read from the real drawable anymore.

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