wine CPU usage and CreateWaitableTimer

andrea mariofutire at
Thu Jul 9 15:30:50 CDT 2015

On 08/07/15 14:43, Sebastian Lackner wrote:
> Hello andrea,
> I just saw by pure accident that you already wrote a couple of mails before this one, they all landed in my spam folder somehow (?!).
> Regarding your question:
> The whole implementation of the clock is not really very efficient (separate thread, message loops, events, ...).
> Before the patch, as soon as timeOut reached a value of zero (or just a very small value), the thread was busy-looping
> all the time, no matter if timers were queued or not. After the patch, the thread sleeps in the meantime, as expected.
> The patch itself was definitely correct, but the code was written over 10 years ago, there might be lot of opportunities
> to do things more efficient.
> Is there any app which explicitly uses such a small delay (and doesn't work well when there is too much overhead)? If
> yes, please open a new bug report and add me as CC. You can also add your code as testcase there.


here it is

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