[PATCH 2/6] winex11.drv: Use process-wide AppUserModelID to populate WM_CLASS

Jonas Kümmerlin rgcjonas at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 15:03:42 CDT 2015

Vincent Povirk wrote:
> > 
> > +        char fallback_prefix[] = "Wine.Fallback.";
> Is there a good reason not to use the path as-is in this case?
> Windows
> apps don't see the value of WM_CLASS, after all.
Actually, I can't think of any good reason. So we'll likely end up
using the path as-is.

> I agree that using the full path rather than the basename is the
> correct approach, although you haven't made it obvious why. In my
> testing, the Windows taskbar would distinguish between executable
> files with the same name in a different directory.
That's what I discovered, too.

> Can the AppUserModelID be changed after a window is first shown? If
> so, we'll want a mechanism to notify the user driver of changes.
According to MSDN, the process-wide AppUserModelID is not supposed to
change (so we can probably get away with pretending that it never
does), but I didn't test what happens if you try on windows. However,
the (not yet implemented) window-wide AppUserModelID can change at any
time (and Win7 picks it up correctly). Maybe invent a window message
for this?

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