[PATCH v2 12/15] winex11.drv, user32, shell32 Use AppUserModelID to populate WM_CLASS

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 18:08:13 CDT 2015

+            /* The ICCCM spec says we have to withdraw the window to
change WM_CLASS.
+             * Gnome works fine without doing that, but KDE requires it. */
+            ShowWindow( hwnd, SW_HIDE );
+            if ( data->display && data->whole_window )
+                set_class_hints( data->display, data->whole_window, hwnd );
+            ShowWindow( hwnd, SW_SHOW );

Ouch, that's not going to work. We don't want to do this through win32
because then the application can see its window being hidden/shown
(also, there doesn't seem to be any check here for whether it's
already shown?).

Maybe we can check data->mapped and if so use map_window and
unmap_window for this?

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