[PATCH] advapi32: test and fix ChangeServiceConfig2 when given a zero length or a null description (try2, resend)

Bernhard Übelacker bernhardu at vr-web.de
Mon Jul 20 15:22:43 CDT 2015

Am 20.07.2015 um 09:55 schrieb Huw Davies:
> On 17 Jul 2015, at 20:15, Bernhard Übelacker wrote:
>> On two attempts to send a patch modifying the service tests I got a failing
>> test in the "w7u" VM while the other VMs were succeeding [1][2][3].
>> This test first gets the number of active and inactive services.
>> Then enumerates all services and decrements the corresponding counter.
>> At the end both counter should be zero.
> Yes, there's clearly a race in the tests.  What's more, this failure happens
> before your new code and is clearly not related to it.
> Of course it would be nice to fix the race, but that doesn't seem possible the
> way the existing tests are written.
> Huw.

Hello Huw,
thanks for your answer.

So the patch attached to my last mail does really not fix it, but it 
tries to skip these tests when it detects that number of active/inactive 
services has changed from before to after enumeration.

Kind regards,

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