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Rosanne DiMesio dimesio at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 23 12:17:37 CDT 2015

On Thu, 23 Jul 2015 10:14:38 -0500
Jeremy Newman <jnewman at codeweavers.com> wrote:

> You can still switch to 'Sid' or 'Unstable' from that page. 

True; I overlooked the links on the upper right. Debian users familiar with the site would probably already know to do that.

> Most users 
> are going to be running Debian Stable right now anyway.

Testing and unstable users are more likely to want to upgrade every two weeks. 

> Also, installing a Sid package on Stable is not recommended anyway due 
> to dependency issues.

I wasn't suggesting that. My thought was that users would click on the search results link to whatever version of Debian they were using. It's fine if they do that from the stable page; my one concern is that because the stable package is so out-of-date, some users might jump to the conclusion that that's true for all versions, and not even check. 

> This is the root of the issue. How do Debian Stable users get the latest 
> version of Wine that is built specifically for them?

AFAICT, they don't. Debian seems to only build the latest version for testing and unstable. But I don't really know my way around the Debian site, so I may have missed something glaringly obvious.

Rosanne DiMesio <dimesio at earthlink.net>

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