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Michael Gilbert mgilbert at
Sat Jul 25 23:20:26 CDT 2015

Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
> We already have a topic "Wine Stable Considered Harmful" for the
> WineConf in September, see

"Considered Harmful" is also Considered Harmful ;)

> On a high level view this are IMHO the good and bad things about the
> current stable process in Wine:
> Good                            Bad
> ----                            ---
> Code freeze/stabilization       Way too old
> Marketing                       Release slips with features slippage
> Some distributions want it      Distributions insist on using it
>                                Bug reports for stable are ignored

The other good is that we can plan on shipping a stabilized (bug
fixed, well tested) version of the package, rather than whichever
version happened to be released at the time of the Debian freeze.

The whole point of having both stable and development versions of the
package in Debian is so the user can have a choice.  Either go with
the stable, well tested version, or go with a snapshot from the date
of the freeze.

Best wishes,

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