Prep for Wineconf - testing

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Jul 27 10:44:59 CDT 2015

Hi folks,

Now that I have my room booked, my thoughts turn to what we'll actually
do at Wineconf.  And, of course, a Wineconf tradition is for me to lock
everyone in the room, away from the bar, until the test situation improves.

Sadly, despite the best efforts of some people (yay, Huw!), we are still
staring at a range of test failures on Windows.  It looks like we've got
XP and 2003 starting to show green, and 2000 and 2008 look tantalizingly
close.  Looks like msi timeouts remain a problem.

We had some discussion of throwing some hardware at the problem; I'm
happy to do that, but, afair, it wasn't clear that it would help.

Weren't we going to run an experiment by setting the run queue size to 1
to see if that prevented the msi timeout failures?  If changing the run
queue size from n to 1 and buying n machines will 'fix' this, maybe it's
time to do that.

I seem to recall that Francois needed cooperation from Alexandre to run
that experiment - is that right?

Once we think we've got robust Windows tests, then we move on to pursuit
of the the holy grail - having at least two Linux machines capable of
running make test cleanly.  (I recall a glorious day when we achieved
that; sadly, that moment didn't last :-/).

So does it make sense to ask people to start daily winetest runs so we
can populate a bit more data?  Looks like we've got the CodeWeavers test
boxes, and one from Austin.  And I don't see any for Mac :-(.



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