wine CPU usage and CreateWaitableTimer

andrea mariofutire at
Mon Jun 1 14:43:38 CDT 2015


I'm trying to understand why AppleWin uses 100% CPU when running in wine vs ~1% in Windows.

my case is wine 1.7.43 vs Windows 7

basically 97% time is spent in a WaitForSingleObject on a semaphore signalled by a DirectSound 
IReferenceClock via AdvisePeriodic.
The timer period is set to 1 millisecond.

I have tried an other Windows call to create the timer: CreateWaitableTimer
The latter uses about 50% CPU, so it is much better, but still not very good.

This is true even on a simple app that does nothing other than waiting for this timer all the time.

Does anybody know

1) is this normal? should these waits be almost free like they are in Windows?
2) what is the best implemented timer in wine that can be used for a periodic event (~1ms)?


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