Migrating away from Sourceforge

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Thu Jun 4 15:17:26 CDT 2015

> The hardware can handle it just fine. The problem comes down to
> bandwidth. The server is on the same pipe as the CodeWeavers server. If
> it starts to cut into our cap, it can make the staff (marketing in
> particular) grumpy.

I'm pretty sure we pay for more bandwidth than we use, and can probably
just absorb this.

Our colo provider keeps getting bought, and Newman and I are terrible at
using the console, because they keep changing it.  But in theory, he or
I should be able to easily see how much bandwidth we're using, and if
the 52k downloads would make any difference :-/.

Jer, I nominate you to read the numbers.  I need the 95% figure.  I'll
do the yucky work of finding our contract to see what our cap is, so we
both get an annoying chore out of it :-/.

> A better solution would be to setup a mirrored CDN. The CDN could mirror
> the http://ftp.winehq.org/ file structure. CodeWeavers uses CDNetworks
> for our CDN and have been pretty happy with them.

I haven't found a CDN with a low barrier to entry.  That is, I'm not
aware of one we could spend $50/month with to host this stuff.

Of course, I haven't explored this space in a long time, so if someone
is aware of a CDN with good pricing, let me know.  (We probably could
save some money over what we're spending now.)

We do have a legal organization, so we could enter a contract directly
as the Wine project (well, as the Conservancy, but Conservancy on behalf
of Wine).

As a fallback option, our CDN contract does have plenty of headroom, so
I'm certain we could host these files on media.codeweavers.com without
any trouble.



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