Wine 64 bit

Ken Thomases ken at
Fri Jun 5 01:04:01 CDT 2015

Hi Chip,

I saw your patch for 64-bit debug registers.  Thanks!

It made me wonder if you've got anything else in-progress related to 64-bit on OS X?  In particular, are you still working on support for __builtin_ms_va_list in Clang or the problems you mentioned previously about code generation when switching calling conventions?

I noticed that a bug with DWARF unwind info got fixed in the Clang/LLVM trunk sometime after 3.6.  Was that your doing?  (You mentioned something like this in your April 29th email.)  If so, thanks!

I was thinking of tackling the dbghelp support for 64-bit Mach-O images (although not DWARF debugging info) sometime soon, but maybe you're already working on that.  Are you?  If so, I'll leave it to you.


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