Wineconf proposal: discuss 64-bit?

Josh DuBois duboisj at
Mon Jun 8 09:42:54 CDT 2015

I'm wondering whether it would be useful to discuss 64-bit support in 
Wine at wineconf this year.  I'm interested in feedback on whether it's 
a useful topic.

With games in particular, 64-bit seems to be becoming a more common 
requirement, especially with newer DirectX 11 games (which may start 
running in wine ... sometime).

I guess the basics work on Intel Linux.  Several issues remain, however:

- OS X support: compiler toolchains are an issue, there are problems 
with thread-local storage.
- ARM support: I think Andre H. believes that 64-bit will be hard to 
support on ARM.  As far as I know there aren't yet a lot of real-world 
use-cases for that, but there are certainly a lot of ARM chips around 
nowdays and maybe Windows 10 will start appearing on ARM devices.
- MSI: I think there are MSI limitations which prevent some 64-bit apps 
from installing (e.g., bug 29941) .  I think this blocks 64-bit MS Office.
- Mono / .NET ?
- Other ... ?

It might be that there's not a great deal to do at wineconf other than 
catalog the issues.  If it's worth a short (not an hour - maybe if we 
have some 10-15 minute segments) discussion while everyone is in the 
same place, I'd be happy to try and catalog them.

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