gdiplus: Implement trivial case of GdipCreateRegionRgnData for empty and infinite regions

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Tue Jun 9 11:06:33 CDT 2015

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Thanks Eric, nice email.


On 06/09/2015 05:59 PM, Erich E. Hoover wrote:
> Wow guys, I think everyone needs to turn it down a notch.  I
> realize that everyone is frustrated with the decreasing relevance
> of Wine in the SteamOS era, but we are still members of a very
> important and interesting project that impacts a lot of users.
> Nikolay is understandably upset that he feels that staging patches
> are not getting sent upstream fast enough, some of that is our
> fault (we’re volunteer, and I know I've been busy with work or out
> of town a lot lately) and some of that is the submission process
> (limit on number of "in flight" patches, for example).  There are a
> variety of ways that we can resolve this kind of problem (merge
> windows, patch sign-offs, etc.) without upsetting each other.  It’s
> also important to mention that a lot of our time gets spent in
> rebasing patches; the CSMT patches in particular take up a lot of
> Sebastian’s time.
> Sebastian and Dmitry are clearly upset that Dmitry's work on the
> patch that started this thread was not mentioned in the upstreaming
> email. This kind of issue is always a hard needle to thread, it’s
> clearly important to get patches out to the community quickly but
> it’s also important to be respectful of all the sources of feedback
> on patches. I think we can all agree that the system Wine currently
> has in place for submitting, accepting, and commenting on patches
> isn't working for the community.  Since that system results in
> frustration on both sides of the submission process, I think we
> should seriously consider discussing revisions to the system at
> this year’s WineConf.
> I’ve been out of town for a while, so I’m not actually aware of
> what issues are concerning Henri.  However, antagonizing each other
> is clearly not going to solve issues either way - we need to come 
> together and discuss these things in the calmest manner we can
> manage so that everyone gets a chance to have their opinions heard
> and considered.
> I realize that this email is getting a little long, but I think
> that it’s important to mention that wine-staging is not just a
> volunteer effort - we also have no financial interest in the
> project.  We do not ask users for money, we have no advertising,
> and we pay for our server space and Ubuntu build time out of our
> own pockets.  We have absolutely no incentive to do this except for
> the good of the Wine project by preparing patches for inclusion
> (both from newer contributors and for those with lower AJ ranks
> such as myself).
> Best, Erich

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