ntdll: Improve stub of NtQueryEaFile.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Thu Jun 11 06:43:26 CDT 2015

Alexandre Julliard <julliard at winehq.org> wrote:

> > I have to admit that the whole idea sounds nice, but based on my experience
> > it doesn't really work very well. Such a method only works when every patch
> > gets detailed and fair feedback, which is not the case at the moment. A lot
> > of patches are not reviewed at all.
> > I can perfectly understand that a lot of longtime wine developers don't want
> > to mess around with patches of a very low quality, but what exactly should
> > people learn from being ignored?
> Sure, our community is not as nice as it could be, and a lot of us are
> burned out on trying to help newbies. But the community is the sum of
> its members, that's why we need people like you, with the skill and
> motivation to help people that others may not feel like helping.
> So I think it's unfortunate that instead of joining us and help improve
> the behavior of the WineHQ community, you have chosen to fork your own
> separate community, and are actively encouraging people to give up on
> WineHQ and move over there.

Alexandre, for some reason you are intentionally ignoring the fact that
creation of wine-staging is the *result* of winehq behaviour, not something
that has appeared out of the air. I'm not going to repeat again and again
about ignored patches (silently rejected or marked as 'pending'), absence
of constructive and technical comments, etc. etc. Obviously wine-staging
maintainers started to work with winehq using available tools like wine-patches,
wine-devel, wine-bugzilla, patch tracker, but once they stumbled upon
some hard to overcome things they have no control over, and after many
attempts to discuss and even persuade to change something on winehq side
they decided to create wine-staging.

> Not only is it understandably perceived as a hostile move by a number of
> veteran devs, it also doesn't solve the issue, because as I explained,
> to get patches upstream people will be required to interact with the
> community here. So this is where the problems have to be addressed.

The source of the problem is on winehq side, ignring this fact won't
change anything. And what is the reason of hostality of that "veteran
devs"? That somebody spends their free spare time taking the patches
from wine-patches and wine-bugzilla, maintains and improves them, and
helps other developers with improving their work by openly suggesting
the changes and providing honest and high quality help without being
paid any cent?


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