winemac.drv: Improved App name on windows and menus (Mac Driver)

Ken Thomases ken at
Thu Jun 11 10:15:18 CDT 2015


On Jun 10, 2015, at 9:48 AM, Vitor Marques <vitor251093 at> wrote:

> In the actual code, the Mac Driver uses the Bundle Name on the Hide and Quit buttons, but not in the main menu item, which doesn't make sense since that's the most important place for the app name. It's a very simple change that surely will be very welcome to all Mac users. I've also attached the patch in case Gmail's line-wrapping cause any trouble. Although I have not tested, the changes are simple enough to be analyzed in sight. My system is a Mac OS X 10.10.

Thanks for your interest in the Mac driver and your attempt to improve it.  Unfortunately, it's clear you haven't tested, since this won't run.  You've misspelled "length" as "lenght", which would cause an unrecognized selector exception at run time if it even compiles.

But, more importantly, the title that a program sets for the application menu is ignored by Cocoa.  It uses the bundle name regardless.  So, this change has no effect.

Was there an actual problem behavior that you observed that you were trying to fix?  Or was this just determined by reading the code?


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