[PATCH 1/4] msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__File_size implementation and test.(try 3)

YongHao Hu christopherwuy at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 10:48:30 CDT 2015

Thank you.
New patches had sent to wine-patches. : )

On 2015年06月11日 17:51, Piotr Caban wrote:
> On 06/11/15 11:31, YongHao Hu wrote:
>> Do you mean that  _Equivalent sets ERROR_SUCCESS when it succeeds?
> No. I mean that native doesn't really care about error returned by 
> GetLastError. It looks like it's just a side effect of the way how 
> it's implemented. Probably there's no need to be compatible here.
>> This one also needs to set the error explicitly, which I didn't do it.
>> Do you think that we should ignore GetLastError in these series of 
>> patches?
> I don't know, probably yes. The code is nicer when the error is not 
> set explicitly with SetLastError call. The functions from kernel32 
> will set the error anyway. It just will not match error set by native 
> msvcp120.
> Thanks,
> Piotr

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