[1/2] Add stub dll d3dcompiler_46

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 16 19:17:01 CDT 2015

Hi Matteo,

 > These two patches look fine to me except for the LPJUNK + hungarian
 > notation in DllMain().
This was just a copy of one of the other d3dcompile*.dll.

 > BTW where did you find that version number for d3dcompiler_46? Windows
 > 8 SDK? Just curious, I found two different version of
 > d3dcompiler_46.dll bundled with various stuff which have different
 > version numbers (even between them).

I based the version number from the dlls found in the SDK's that are 
installed with VS2012 and VS2013.

Best Regards
  Alistair Leslie-Hughes

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