Wine developer frustration (was Re: ntdll: Improve stub of NtQueryEaFile.)

Rosanne DiMesio dimesio at
Wed Jun 17 10:13:25 CDT 2015

On Wed, 17 Jun 2015 21:25:11 +0800
Tom Wickline <twickline at> wrote:

> Problems / Solutions :
> winehq doesn't want wine-staging bugs in their database , simple fix,
> wine-staging should look into hosting their own bug tracking database and
> tell users to file bugs here and not their. 

Wine-staging already has its own bug-tracking database. The problem is that the inexperienced users they are so aggressively marketing to can't reasonably be expected to figure out on their own whether a bug is in mainline Wine or one of the 600+ experimental patches, and simply telling those users to file everything over there will result in bugs that belong here not being reported here. 

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