Wine developer frustration (was Re: ntdll: Improve stub of NtQueryEaFile.)

Andrew Eikum aeikum at
Wed Jun 17 14:59:43 CDT 2015

On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 09:44:40PM +0200, Marc Bessières wrote:
> I understand that asking for a description is maybe the way forward.
> How I see commit message is very well described by a Xorg developer:
> But I see that often when the patch finally gets committed then only the title 
> stays. The text of the commit message has been removed.
> I presume it is because the message often states something obvious for expert 
> developers with a very good knowledge of the history of the project.
> But for a non expert who tries to go through the history of code in order to 
> understand it, it doesn't help.
> So I think that I wouldn't personally dare asking the submitter next time for 
> a better commit message...

I often try to write good commit messages, but it seems kind of
pointless because I know they'll be removed. The messages appear in
the wine-patches mailing list archives when people search for them, so
I write them anyway.

I have no idea where Wine's policy of stripping commit messages comes
from and I dislike it.


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