Wine developer frustration (was Re: ntdll: Improve stub of NtQueryEaFile.)

Marc Bessières marc.bessieres at
Wed Jun 17 15:55:13 CDT 2015

Le mercredi 17 juin 2015, 15:24:56 Ken Thomases a écrit :
> On Jun 17, 2015, at 2:59 PM, Andrew Eikum <aeikum at> wrote:
> > I often try to write good commit messages, but it seems kind of
> > pointless because I know they'll be removed.
> They aren't universally removed.  Alexandre sometimes edits them down, but
> most of the commits of my patches have a good chunk of what I wrote.  And
> I'm often pretty verbose.  (See, for example,
> <;h=792b47ad3b89d51f17ef311c
> caa62fc2016af793>.)  It's always possible that I'm a special case because a)
> I mostly work on the Mac driver, about which Alexandre couldn't give two
> figs; and b) I've worn him down by writing too much too often. ;)
> I try to help Alexandre by putting the core information that helps future
> developers (including future me) understand what the patch is for and what
> it does toward the top and then things like justification or help for
> reviewers lower down.  That way, his edit just amounts to cutting the
> message off at a certain point.

It happens, that the first time I discovered that was with one of your changes 
I was trying to understand:
which was impacting Gothic 2 for which I was making a new entry in the appdb.

The bug said it was a regression introduced by 
43984f355a2905e16075a9df3d7fbe463761e853 is the first bad commit
commit 43984f355a2905e16075a9df3d7fbe463761e853
Author: Ken Thomases <ken at>
Date:   Thu May 31 15:33:23 2012 -0500

    winex11: Be more conservative when matching keys from built-in layout 

The commit message is indeed terse :)
After some time I found you're original mail which was much more explanatory.

> > I have no idea where Wine's policy of stripping commit messages comes
> > from and I dislike it.
> As I say, I don't believe there is such a policy.  My impression is that
> you're not the only person who thinks there is, though.  Between that and
> some developers' natural terseness (and, sometimes, assumption that their
> changes are always self-explanatory), few developers write much.
> Another problem is that the email submission format doesn't offer a way for
> the submitter to separate text intended to be part of the permanent commit
> log from text intended to be merely commentary for consumption at review
> time.  So, Alexandre has to exercise judgment about which parts are which
> kind and may mis-categorize.
> -Ken
Isn't the text, that is after the --- and before the diff text, there for that 
purpose? I've tried to find the documentation, but I didn't succeed. And my git 
fu is not good enough..


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