gdi32/tests: Japanese Win 7 uses MS Shell Dlg as its default GUI font.

Akihiro Sagawa sagawa.aki at
Sat Jun 20 22:05:20 CDT 2015

Hello Huw,

Could you improve commit c81ff0f8cfc1a7b6fa7546d8ffb656e290ef5e7e?
I know this fixes longstanding test failure on Windows 7 testbot running with
Japanese locale. But, the change leads to test failures on my Japanese
Windows 7:
> font.c:5799: Test failed: 4(1): expected height 15, got 12
> font.c:5808: 4(1): default gui font is MS UI Gothic

As both systems are running with Japanese locale, I compared my Windows
7 settings with testbot's one. And, I found that testbot returns
different GetSystemDefaultUILanguage() value. In other words, testbot
returns 0x0409 (English US)[1], but my PC returns 0x0411 (Japanese).

I'm not sure if the configuration is on purpose, or not. However, the
test needs to be updated on that point.

Akihiro Sagawa

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