Proposal: to make binfmt-misc with wine workable and make Wine compadiblity modes more like Windows compadiblity mode.

Florian Pelz pelzflorian at
Wed Jun 24 06:26:14 CDT 2015


Non-developer speaking. I think most users would expect clicking an .exe
file to result in Wine executing it "as usual", i.e. in the wine prefix
pointed to by WINEPREFIX, as if `wine name.exe` were called. Wine should
do what the user expects.

Also, not all users want the same things. Different users might want to
use different prefix configurations for the same application. The user
might want different applications to use the same prefix. Overrides
require additional software the user might not want or might not be
legally allowed to use.

Compatibility databases already exist in the form of Play on Linux and
similar. Their approach seems better. In the long term, users should not
ever need them.

Also, application developers should not target Wine. The application
should not try to behave differently because it is running on Wine.

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