wineboot: Create MachineGuid registry value.

Sebastian Lackner sebastian at
Thu Jun 25 05:53:45 CDT 2015

On 11.06.2015 08:24, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Sebastian Lackner <sebastian at> writes:
>> The MachineGuid registry key should exist even without calling CryptAcquireContextW.
>> Optionally we could remove the remove the corresponding code from advapi32 afterwards.
> This doesn't need to run at every boot, so you can probably stick it
> into the registration of some crypto dll like wintrust. And please also
> remove the advapi32 code.

I'm not sure if its a good idea to remove the advapi32 code. The behaviour that
CryptAcquireContextW re-creates the MachineGuid key was even tested explicitly back then
(see ),
maybe because a specific app was depending on this behaviour. The same test was later
removed because it caused test failures on wow64 machines, but non-wow64 machines behave
basically all identical: Do you
think we should just ignore these tests, or should I add them back to justify why the
advapi32 code stays there? Also, does this change your opinion regarding where to create
the MachineGuid? Having code duplication in advapi32<->wineboot might be better than in

Best regards,

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