[PATCH] msvcp90: Implement time_get<char> ctors and dtors

Piotr Caban piotr.caban at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 11:50:03 CDT 2015

On 06/26/15 18:37, Daniel Lehman wrote:
> the string c/dtors need a cast to non-const.  would it be ok to do the cast in the macros at the top?
> something like:
> #define locale_string_char_dtor(this)	_Yarn_char_dtor((locale_string *)this)
> Then the casts are in one spot and don't need to be sprinkled about
It's useful to be warned about trying to modify const data. It's why I 
don't think it's a good idea to do the cast in the macro. Mangled names 
shows that the casts are also done in native dll. As far as I can see 
there are only 4 functions that needs the casts.

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