[PATCH 4/6]: msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Stat implementation and test.

YongHaoHu christopherwuy at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 11:46:01 CDT 2015

On 15/6/29 下午10:54, Piotr Caban wrote:
> On 06/29/15 16:42, YongHaoHu wrote:
>>> Why are you handling ERROR_BAD_DEV_TYPE error here?
>> I don't have special reason, just base on the test result on testbot.
> It looks wrong. Could you please send the test here and point on what 
> testbot machine it happens?
Yes, it's wrong. According to your advice, I tested GetFileAttributesA 
and found that its last error handling was also not correct.
(It means that many ntdll functions have problems with last_error handling.)
The code I used is : GetFileAttributesA("\\\\.\\PiPe\\tests_pipe.c");  
printf("getlast err is %d\n", GetLastError());
The output in wine is "getlast err is 66"  while "|getlast err is 0" in 

Here is the test result: 
Plesase ignore the failed msg.
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